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The NY-IL Connection

New York – Israel Connect. is an international holding and investment group. The group is highly experienced allowing active clients in both New York and Israel to experience the highest form of service. Our management team is greatly skilled and located in both New York and Israel enabling an easy relationship between sectors. Under the leadership of its chairman Mr. Raphi Blustein, “New York- Israel” is equipped with a vastly skilled management team.He is both a member of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) and Israel Bar Association (IBA) allowing him to interconnect regions with investment opportunities precisely.


NY-IL Connect.


NY-IL connect is an international investment group. The administration is active in both New York and Israel involved in projects ranging from Start-ups, raising capital, bit coin, automotive to the culinary industry.

Israel–United States relations

The relationship between Israel and the United States is an important factor in today’s worldwide society. Congress has placed considerable importance on the maintenance of a close supportive relationship to Israel. Congressional support to the country of Israel has been aided since 1985, and has provided nearly 1 billion dollars in grants annually to Israel. With Israel being the largest annual recipient of American aid from 1976-2004. Now U.S aid to Israel has strong congressional support, receiving significant economic assistance allowing Israel’s everlasting rapid growth.




Globalization between New York and Israel

The executive team at NY-IL connect. shares an optimistic view with investment opportunities in both Israel and the United States, primarily New York.  Staffed with Israeli and American professionals who are experts in a variety of fields.

This is largely due to the past relations between both Israel and America. Over 2,000,000 Jews migrated between the 19th century and 1920’s (Immigration act of 1924). Most settled in the New York metropolitan area, establishing one of the worlds major concentrations of Jewish population.

Jews have been involved ever since in both financial sectors to practical investments in the U.S. In the colonial era, before the establishment of the USA, Jews were the first non-protestants to receive the right to trade normal goods. During the Revolutionary War, “Chaim Solomon” gave up his fortune to create America’s first semi-central bank, and advised Alexander Hamilton, who later became the countries first secretary of the treasury.

American Jews in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries played a large role in the American financial industry, and its still growing until this day. Both investment banks and investment funds are flourishing.

The basic relationship between the U.S and Israel have been imprinted on the past and continues to grow each and everyday.


As many citizens in the U.S possess an Israeli passport and vice versa it allows our firm to better assist between continents. Citizens living in Israel commonly have relatives stateside, primarily New York. As well as Citizens living in the U.S who have relatives living overseas in Israel. The management team can assist to promote healthy business structure and capital gain between New York and Israel investment opportunities, eliminating the stress and hassle one would encounter.


NY-IL concentrates on providing you with the proper specialist and experience needed in both America and Israel, primarily New York. We possess the knowledge and familiarity, not to mention the connections to help any client that needs assistance in mutual business between New York and Israel. From personal methods, like receiving documentations and property papers, ranging from commercial to legal. We build business plans that accommodate every field. NY-IL combines all the specialties of an individual company in one entire company. Allowing us to help you enter into either the NY market or Israeli market. Most importantly, our experience allows us to save you time and money.

We are working to bring our clients the best service in America in the fields of: Business development.Fund raising.Start ups.Real estate investments and financing. EB-5 Visa and other investors US Visas.